Action for Korea United Leaders Assembly 2015

Global Peace Foundation
October 9, 2015

Action for Korea United is a coalition of over 730 civil society organizations committed to advancing a vision for a peaceful reunification on the Korean Peninsula.

The annual Assembly held in Seoul on October 8th highlighted the important grassroots efforts being done to engage the Korean public on this significant issue. The Global Peace Foundation chairman Dr. Hyun Jin Moon was recognized for his contribution to this movement and inspiring constituents of diverse backgrounds to share in a common vision.

The Everyday Unification Movement of the coalition aims to promote broad-based awareness and commitment towards reunification, and hosts high-level forums and conferences to educate and engage the Korean public with issues related to the fate of the peninsula and Northeast Asia.

Read more about the Coalition efforts, including the One K Concert that was held in the Olympic World Cup stadium on October 9th here.

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