Action for Korea United Festival 2022

Global Peace Foundation
August 17, 2022

The Action for Korea United Festival was held at the Kintex in Seoul, South Korea on August 15, 2022 commemorating Korea’s 77th National Liberation Day.

Six major civic organizations with nationwide membership co-organized the festival: Parliamentarian’s Society of the Republic of Korea, Korea Senior Citizens Association, Korean National Police Veterans Association, Federation of Artistic & Cultural Organization of Korea, Leaders’ Alliance for Korea Unification, Federation for Korean American Associations, and Action for Korea United.

20,000 people gathered in the halls of Kintex representing Koreans of the South, North, and diaspora along with international friends supporting the efforts to peacefully reunite the Korean peninsula.

This gathering was the launching of a civil society-led campaign, referred to as “the Second Sam-il Movement.” The campaign will run for three years building toward a million person march in 2025 which marks the 80th anniversary of Liberation Day.

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