A Message from James P. Flynn

James Flynn
August 8, 2017

GPF President James Flynn

Despite the many challenges and turmoil in our world at present, we find examples of heroic men and women striving to uplift their communities, nations, and indeed the entire human family. Such examples remind us that when we join together for the greater good, and tap the power of the human spirit, we can overcome even the most daunting circumstances.

From one perspective, it appears that our world is becoming more divided and polarized than ever before. We now have access to news and information about each other that focuses on our differences. It’s easy to forget our fundamental connectedness.The diverse faith and wisdom traditions of the world affirm a conviction that we are one—that our common humanity draws us together.

A shared future is within our reach! Our work in more than 20 countries builds broad awareness of the central importance of shared values as a basis for social cohesion and peacebuilding. We implement programs that apply this vision and demonstrate the efficacy of this values-based approach.

What can we do within our families, within our communities, to contribute to the greater good? What can we do together to advance a movement for global peace? It’s up to us to build a platform of common cause and shared mission that can foster a more healthy social environment globally. Learn how to join us as we foster peace around the world.

Warm regards,

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