A Family Affair

Global Peace Foundation
December 1, 2012

The Global Peace Convention drew high level delegates, academics, media, faith and non-governmental leaders from around the world to discuss issues of peace. But the discussion also brought families together.

The Singletons

Noel Singleton and her father, Curtis Singleton both volunteered for the convention. In a last minute impulse, Noel called her father and invited him to come with her.

For many reasons, she and her father had not been able to see much of each other. But four days of serving side by side, Mr. Singleton in the secretariat and Noel as part of the Social Media team, made Noel “feel closer to him now than ever before.” People she didn’t know came up to shake her hand and tell her how proud her father was of her, and how proud they were of her. For Noel, she lives to make her father proud.

Standing next to her during her, Mr. Singleton smiled proudly. Peace and development is a lifelong passion of his, from working with the foreign affairs and the Global Trade Center. “I have always been involved in peace. For my generation, the question is, can this next generation carry on.” Mr. Singleton recited a spoken word for his daughter that ended, “I see now, the hope is you.”

The Global Peace Convention 2012 was more than a gathering of great individuals, it was a family affair.

Families at the Convention

  • The Chandaria family received the award for Moral and Innovative Philanthropy. They attended with their granddaughter.
  • Dr. Paul Murray, Co-Chair of the Coalition for American Renewal (CAR) came with their eldest daughter, Tamyrne, who is co-president of CAR N-Gen, the youth branch of CAR, and their younger daughter and son.
  • Rev. Robert A. Schuller came with his wife and son Anthony, who answered, “Yes,” when asked to be co-president of CAR N-Gen.
  • Bobby, Chief Big Thunderbird, and his daughter Karen came to share the indigenous people’s experience of extreme suffering, and their course of reconciliation and healing.
  • Carolyn Watts invited her daughter Wittnie Moma to volunteer at the convention together. Carolyn intends to continue volunteering after the convention. “I realized, we get so caught up in our lives and forget to serve, when that is the purpose in life. I want to find out how I can give more.”
  • The father-daughter team of Tony and Jinmee Devine lead the education track during the convention.
  • Eldridge and Rebekah Washington came as a brother and sister duo headed up the social media team.
  • Bunnie Jackson and her daughter-in-law Kelly Jackson worked the PR office.

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