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Global Peace Education Kenya

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Latest News

Global Peace Foundation Kenya's Education division partnered with the Center for Mathematics Science and Technology in Africa (CEMASTEA), the Embassy of Ireland, the Ministry of Education and other partners to celebrate World Science Day through environmental projects and an interactive workshop
Published on 01/02/2018
Global Peace Foundation (GPF) Kenya participated in a one-day capacity building workshop under the theme, “Authentic and Necessary Leadership” after receiving an IBM grant awarded to GPF in its efforts to transform education in Kenya.
Published on 12/10/2017
Global Peace Education's Character and Creativity Initiative invited into Kenya's STEM programs to transform school culture
Published on 21/07/2017

Project Details

In Kenya, Global Peace Education, the education division of the Global Peace Foundation, has partnered with the government and community leaders, universities, corporates, principals, teachers, parents and students to empower school-aged youth with essential character, creativity and leadership competencies sought by 21st century employers.

The Character & Creativity Initiative (CCI) brings together stakeholders to deliver a positive impact on social issues and combat negative global trends in youth unemployment. Schools implementing CCI have demonstrated significant improvements in students’ character, academic performance, and low discipline cases resulting to a positive school culture according to the Kenya Institute of Public Policy Research and Analysis Research report. To date, Global Peace Foundation runs the Character and Creativity Initiative across 41 schools in 10 counties.

The Leadership and Entrepreneurship Hubs (Leap Hubs), a program piloted in Kenya in 2015, provides guidance and space in secondary schools for highly motivated students to explore their ideas and learn what it takes to become business and social entrepreneurs.

Early in 2016, Global Peace Foundation Kenya partnered with Google Kenya to empower youth in high schools with knowledge, skills, attitude, values and tools to become digital leaders through a “Child Online Safety Campaign” targetting high school youth invovled in the Character and Creativity Initiative and Leap Hubs.