Volunteers Step up for Youth Development Programs in Cambodia

Emiko Perea
January 6, 2021

Global Peace Foundation has multiple youth development programs in Cambodia, including EnglishEd (English Teaching Project), GreenEd (Environmental Teaching Project), and Peacebook (Library Project). In preparation for January 2021, GPF Cambodia hosted an online campaign to interview applicants interested in joining the ranks of volunteers who have brought knowledge, joy, and opportunities to children in Cambodia.

Recently accepted interns shared why they applied to be Global Peace Volunteers and their hope for the new year.

Hay Seangmey, Resource and Partnership Coordinator/ Intern, shared:

girl at deskI believe by being an intern in the department of youth development program/resource mobilization and partnership development, I will improve both my hard skills through understanding administrative work in requesting for sponsors from senior institutions in the country and enhance my soft skills via communicating with external parties, fellow interns, and supervisor. At the same time, I am passionate about making changes related to education, especially at the primary level. I believe a child has the right to learn and to explore different educational opportunities despite the differences in their backgrounds.

Pen Navith, V-WASH Project Coordinator/ Intern, shared:

boy at deskSince I am pursuing my bachelor’s degree at the Royal University of Law and Economics, the need for experience and self-development to reach the next step is necessary. I would like to spend and share what I have with society like sharing experiences and knowledge, as well as help people who are facing difficulties caused by the environment around them. Also, I want to teach and educate those kids, who are in primary and secondary school, to know how to live life in a clean environment and tell them about the bad impact of unclean living. I want to build my personal skills, such as communicating with and working with different people.

The Safe Water Bottle project coordinator and intern, Virak Kanhapich, recalled her experience since working as an intern

girl at deskAfter being here for a month, I found myself adapting well as I enjoyed the working environment. Everybody is nice and cooperative thus, I was able to work well along with everyone else. My original purpose in handling the Safe Water Safe Bottle campaign was to bring awareness regarding plastic bottles and the cons. However, after visiting Krousar Thmey once during the preparation process, I found myself hoping for a brighter future for the kids starting from being able to have clean water then also receiving the knowledge of the advantages of it for a sustainable and environmentally friendly future of theirs.

Virak Kanhapich
American University
SWSB Project Coordinator/ Intern

Six new volunteers were selected for the Peacebook project to engage students at the Hun Sen Pre Pra Primary School Library to encourage students to read. Meanwhile, seven new volunteers were recruited to the EnglishEd program to teach English to primary school from Grade 4-6. GPF Cambodia will continue to train volunteers in anticipation of the projects for the new year.

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