Rev. Father Joseph Mutie

Rev. Father Joseph Mutie

National Chairman Inter-Religious Council of Kenya (IRCK) and General Secretary

Organization of African Instituted Churches, Kenya

Rev. Fr. Joseph Ngumbi Mutie is the National Chairman of the Interreligious Council of Kenya (IRCK) as well as the General Secretary of the Organization of African Instituted Churches – Kenya Chapter (OAIC-K). IRCK is the coalition of all the faith communities in Kenya while OAIC is the umbrella body for all the African Instituted Churches in Kenya. IRCK was formed to mobilize faith communities for common action and has clear, strong and established links with the Kenya government, nongovernmental organizations and with other local and international Development partners and the donor community. Under his leadership, the council is fostering interfaith relations, shuttle diplomacy and mediation while countering National-level challenges, including violent extremism and an array of gender-based violence issues.

He was an appointed member of IEBC selection panel, a member of Competency Based Curriculum (CBC) taskforce as well as a member of the National Parenting Manual Council.

He is a holder of a Bachelor of Theology from Shibin El-Kom Theological Institute, Egypt, Bachelor of Divinity from St. Pauls’ University Kenya, Masters in Development Studies, St. Pauls’ University and PhD Development Studies Student, St. Pauls’ University. Rev. Fr. Joseph Mutie is a priest in the Coptic Orthodox Church, ordained by the late Pope Shenouda at Cairo in 1998. As a priest, Rev. Fr. has served and trained on church doctrines in the different countries and regions. Including Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, South Africa, Nigeria, Egypt.

As the National Chairman of IRCK, Rev. Fr. Joseph represents the country in the world over on matters of faith, interfaith relations and religious tolerance. He sits in the different committees of interfaith in Kenya, the East African region and the Horn of Africa among others.