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Prof. Dr. KH Said Aqiel Siradj MA


Nahdlatul Ulama

Prof. Dr. KH Said Aqiel Siradj MA

Dr KH Said Aqil Siradj is the newly elected leader of Indonesia’s largest independent Muslim organization and one of the world’s most influential Islamic organizations, Nahdlatul Ulama (NU), or ‘Awakening of Scholars’. Nahdlatul Ulama maintains an expansive network that covers 30 regions, 2,630 representative councils and 37,125 sub-branch representative councils across Indonesia. Nahdlatul Ulama has made substantial charitable contributions to Indonesian society in the fields of educational development, health care, and poverty alleviation.  Dr. Siradj previously served on Indonesia’s National Commission for Human Rights and was the founder of the Said Aqil Centre in Egypt, a study centre that focuses on developing Islamic discourse, particularly in the Arab world. 


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