Mr. Mark Hyatt

Mr. Mark Hyatt

President and CEO

Character Education Partnership (CEP)

Mr. Mark Hyatt is the President and CEO of the Character Education Partnership (CEP) and heads lthe national development effort to “help parents and schools develop students of good character for a just and compassionate society.”Prior to coming to CEP, Mark was Executive Director of the Colorado Charter School Institute (CSI) and initiated CSI’s first strategic planning effort to become a “model authorizer” for the state and nation. Under his wings, CSI has extended an addition of 50% to more than 10,500 students at 36 locations statewide in its portfolio of schools.
Formerly a  President of The Classical Academy (TCA) and President of Centre of Academy fior Integrity at Duke University , Mark has developed his passion in dedicating his time to help children’s preparation to be in college, work life and even become model citizens through his years in education.

Mark holds A M.A  in Public Administration,  Arizona State University and B.A in Political Science from the United States Air Force (USAF) Academy, where he served as Vice Commandant for the Academy and later, as a Director of the Centre for Character Development ,focusing on developing, teaching and administering character and education for 4300 college students in different social issues such as diversity and gender.

A 29-year veteran in the United States Air Force, he was awarded the Citizenship and Character Award from former President Gerald Ford for his outstanding leadership in the character development program at USAF Academy. His remarkable programs at the centre was even recognized by John Templeton Foundation as one of the top character-building programs in the country.