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Entrepreneurship is both a bottom-up approach to economic development and a core principle of effective, innovative leadership. It is also the key to poverty reduction and sustainable development, as entrepreneurs create practical, efficient solutions that generate employment opportunities and revenue. Panelists will discuss the role of entrepreneurship in national development and how to encourage and support entrepreneurial activity. 

Moderator: Monica Perez Dos Santos Former President, Central Bank of Paraguay

  • H.E. Raul Cubas Former President of Paraguay
  • H.E. Martín Erasto Torrijos Former President of Panama
  • Mr. Douglas Bucalem CEO Bucalem Group
  • Mr. Jose Zambrano Founder, Zambrano Foundation
  • Prof. Nelson Pilosof President, World Trade Center of
  • Montevideo
  • Mr. Mukesh Shukla CEO, Shumuk Group of Companies, Uganda