Radio-Based Instruction Transforms Education for Children in the Philippines

Naomi MacMurdie
June 2, 2022

When COVID-19 disrupted education systems across the globe, schools took a great shift from face-to-face instruction to an online and modular one. Unfortunately, many were in danger of being left behind because they did not have access to technology or the internet.

Global Peace Foundation (GPF) Philippines has been working tirelessly to create new opportunities for children despite the challenges brought on by the pandemic, including an alternative to the internet to serve rural schools.

The Radio-Based Instruction (RBI) program is an alternative learning delivery modality that uses a radio broadcast to offer students lessons utilizing self-learning modules (SLM). This method provides access to education to students living in remote areas and those who have limited access to the internet. The goal of the program is to give students learning opportunities as a supplement to their SLM usage in the absence of actual face-to-face instruction.

Students holding radios

Turn-Over Ceremony of transistor radios for CENHS in the Philippines.

On March 8, 2022, GPF Philippines held a Turn-Over Ceremony of Transistor Radios for the Senior High School Students of Canaan East National High School (CENHS). The event was attended by the Regional Director of Region III, Dr. May B. Eclar, SDO; Nueva Ecija’s Superintendent, Sir Jessie D. Ferrer; Assistant Superintendent, Mr. Ronilo E. Hilario; District Supervisor of Rizal, Dr. Elizabeth P. Sibayan; Mayor of the Municipality of Rizal, Hon. Hanna Katrina L. Andres; and many faculty members from different schools.

Through the generosity of its stakeholders, CENHS was able to provide each learner with a radio transistor for their studies. The students were eager to begin and the teachers were dedicated, beginning instruction only a day after the event.

Person in recording studio

Teachers during on-air discussions through radio-based instruction.

GPF Philippines continued to distribute essential education materials throughout March, providing transistor radios, solar lanterns, face masks, and pencils for the students of Flora Primary School in Sitio Flora, Maruglo, Capas, and Tarlac and Manabayukan Elementary School in Sitio Manabayukan, O’Donnell, Capas, and Tarlac. The donations were made possible with the partnership of DepEd RO III, the Schools Division Office of DepEd Tarlac, the Municipal Government of Capas, The Lord’s Family Foundation, Korea Import & Export Bank, and GPF Korea.

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