Peacebuilding Projects Engage Communities Across Tanzania

Naomi MacMurdie
May 25, 2022

Global Peace Foundation (GPF) Tanzania officially launched the “Vijana Na Amani 255” project on May 11, 2022, to provide peacebuilding education to various youth groups through discussions in-person and online. Accommodating the large youth population of Tanzania, which constitutes 60% of the population, the Vijana Na Amani (Youth and Peace) campaign seeks to counter the negative trend of radicalization through education, sensitization and leadership training, and entrepreneurship capacity building.

GPF Tanzania launch project

GPF Tanzania and partners launch Vijana Na Amani 255 project

Vijana Na Amani 255 is a collaborative project with the Office of the Prime Minister; Work, Youth, Employment and those with Disabilities; Scout Association Tanzania; Institutions of Mwalimu Nyerere Foundation; Youth of United Nations Association (YUNA); Global Religions for Children Foundation (GRCF); and the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) that works on the borders of Tanzania and Mozambique in the regions of Mtwara, Lindi, and Ruvuma.


GPF Tanzania has engaged local communities in the peacebuilding process for several years. While the Vijana Na Amani campaign specifically raises youth as peace leaders, another program called the “Amani Yetu; Uhai Wetu” (Our Peace, Our Life) project has engaged hundreds of Tanzanians in capacity-building workshops, door-to-door awareness campaigns, and training programs to mitigate violence and extremism.

Tanzania  peacebuilding education

Volunteers share peacebuilding education

“We feel valued and respected to be educated on issues of peacebuilding and prevention of violent extremism,” said Mrs. Husna Hussein, a community member. “I pledge to be an ambassador of peace in my community to ensure we have a peaceful and prosperous society.”

In February 2022, GPF Tanzania selected 20 peacebuilders to share important education on ending radical extremism with critical groups in Nanguruwe and Msimbati. These community members ranged from traders and fishermen to motorcycle riders and families going about their daily routine.

Mrs. Suleina Shaban is a member of the Peace and Security Committee of Msimbati. “I think this education needs to be spread to many young people who are the first victim of violent extremism,” Mrs. Shaban shared. “We need to bring them on board and make sure they take this as their agenda for their own future”.

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