James Flynn Speaks on the American Founding Story as the “Human Story”

Global Peace Foundation
October 2, 2014

Global Peace Leadership Conference USA 2014

Jim Flynn, President, Global Peace Foundation

Global Peace Foundation President James Flynn called the American story “the human story,” and the founding “a turning point not only in American history but for all people in our journey together as human beings.” By grounding the new republic and national life in the “self-evident truth that all are endowed by the Creator with rights,” Flynn said, Americans could bring cohesion among peoples of increasingly diverse national, ethnic and religious backgrounds.

Global Peace Foundation President James Flynn emphasizes the relationship between liberty, virtue, and faith in a self-governing society.“When we have confusion about values, we need to go back to the principles,” Flynn said. “Transcendent principles don’t need an argument to prove them; they are not religious doctrines, but self-evident,” which he illustrated with examples of the outpouring of compassion and relief efforts following the 2010 Haitian earthquake.

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