Hundreds Gather Online for Global Peace Youth Indonesia Summit 2022

Global Peace Foundation
April 28, 2022

The Global Peace Youth Indonesia (GPYI) Summit 2022 was held February 10-11 under the theme “The Role of Youth in Caring for Diversity to Rebuild Indonesia in the Post Pandemic Era.” Nearly 400 youth participated in the two-day online forum featuring four panels covering topics ranging from the social impact of youth on their communities to empowering youth as peacebuilding leaders in increasingly diverse societies.

The 2022 Global Peace Youth Indonesia Summit was held online for hundreds of young leaders

The GPYI Summit is a program that provides a platform for Indonesian youth to celebrate diversity and empower them as peacebuilding leaders in their local communities.

Speaking on “The Role of Youth in Creating Social Impact in Their Community” were presenters Diah Widuretno (Founder of Pagesangan School), Isach Samuel (Founder of Komin Papua), and Dharmaji Suradika (CEO of The second panel spoke on “Empowering Youth to Become Agents of Peace in Their Community” and included Shintya Rahmi Utami (General Manager of GPF Indonesia) and Suraji (Program Manager of Bani Abdurrahman Wahid Foundation). The third topic on “The Role of Local Wisdom in Peacebuilding in Indonesia” was explained by speakers Wahyudin Halim (Anthropologist) and Arif Rahman (Observer and Speaker of Lisa Tradition). The final panel covered “Diversity Stories from Various Sectors” with speakers Mardi Wu (CEO of Nutrifood) and Adinda Cresheilla (Putri Indonesia East Java 2022).

Read more on Tribun-Papua News and learn more about our peacebuilding work in Indonesia.

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