GPF Nepal Supports One Korea at Youth Leadership Forum in Kathmandu

Eric Olsen
June 25, 2022

GPF Nepal hosted 180 youth at a Global Peace Leadership Forum in Kathmandu on May 29, 2022, to raise awareness about the ongoing division of Korea and the implications of reunification for regional peace, economic development, and global security.

Nepal leadership forum

Top: Dr. Ram Chandra Pokharel (left) and Dr. Chiranjivi Bhattarai discuss Korean reunification and principles and values that can foster peace globally.

Wars are about power, politics, resources, religion, and other factors, said Dr. Chiranjivi Bhattarai, Executive Coordinator of the Nepal Water Conservation Foundation and a member of the  Board of Directors of GPF Nepal. He highlighted the need of moral and innovative leadership, while also sharing insights from the book Korean Dream by GPF Chairman Dr. Hyun Jin P. Moon.  “Dr. Moon makes a compelling case that reunification led by Korean civil society is the only way to solve the security, economic, and social problems created through 70 years of division,” Dr. Bhattarai said.

Tribhuvan University Associate Professor Dr. Ram Chandra Pokharel discussed the qualities of leadership of Gautama Buddha and Jesus Christ, as well as Adolf Hitler, noting their profound impact on society, both positive and negative. He said the principles of One Family under God, freedom of religion, emphasis on the family, character, and moral and innovative leadership are central to GPF’s mission and are essential to build peace and social cohesion in the society.

Mr. David Caprara, Strategic Adviser for Global Peace Foundation, shared about the importance of the Peace, Environment and Tourism conference held by GPF Nepal during Covid lockdown. He explained about the ancient Hindu precept of Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam, or “all people are of one family,” and that GPF chapters in Nepal, India, Mongolia, Kenya, and Nigeria are working to advance this ideal.

The Global Peace Leadership Forum to be held in February 2023 in New Delhi will explore India’s spiritual heritage as a resource for building peace beyond divisions of religion, caste, and ethnicity.

Nepal leadership forumOne participant, Himal, said he learned much about the history of South Korea and different perspectives regarding peace in the world. Understanding more about Mount Everest and Buddha, he said, “makes me proud being a Nepali. It was a great program.

To learn more about GPF peacebuilding work in Nepal, visit Nepal | Global Peace Foundation


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