Global Peace Foundation Helps Students Find a Path to Purpose

Global Peace Foundation
July 7, 2015

Similar to driving down an unfamiliar path without a map, entering today’s ever-changing job landscape proves difficult for university students. Because of this we are witnessing a shift in students choosing careers that are high in demand rather than those they may have more passion for. To help students find and pursue a path of purpose, the Global Peace Foundation Malaysia’s youth division runs Global Peace Volunteer workshops at INTI International College in Kuala Lumpur.

At the last workshop on June 17, 2015, Dr. Teh Su Thye, CEO of Global Peace Foundation Malaysia, emphasized that the workshop themes “The Life-Path Map” and “Path to Purpose” present a unique idea that self-growth and self-discovery are essential in attaining a life and a career filled with purpose. When students learn to listen to their inner voice in the career choice process, they can prioritize both their values and their future success simultaneously.

“Sometimes, we may just drive too fast and lose our way. At that point, we need to press the brakes and slow down, check the GPS or ask the people around whether we are on the right track. Sometimes we need to pause our journey to reflect and plan. To rest is to prepare for another journey.” Global Peace Volunteer Workshop Participant, Rayyan

Students engage with one another at Global Peace Volunteer workshop.

Global Peace Volunteer workshops not only encourage students to find what they are passionate about, but also recognize the importance of their personal development as a global citizen under God. Young leaders must develop character and values-based leadership to create positive social change throughout their careers. With these two aspects of finding what one is truly passionate about and developing values, youth can lead a life of purpose that truly makes an impact in the 21st century.

As the workshop came to a close, participants expressed their satisfaction with the experience and gratitude for the knowledge they gained. “It was a great learning experience and I had a lot of fun!”

“I like knowing about my strengths and weaknesses. From there, I get to know how to improve myself.”

More workshops will be held on July 1st and 17th by Global Peace Youth at INTI International College of Kuala Lumpur. For more information from GPF Malaysia, please visit To sign up for workshops, please contact the Student Services Office of INTI International College of Kuala Lumpur.

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