Global Peace Foundation Confers 2013 Global Peace Awards at Gala Event

Eric Olsen
January 10, 2014

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia—Dr. Hyun Jin Moon, Founder and Chairman of the Global Peace Foundation (GPF), and other members of the Global Peace Leadership Council, conferred the 2013 Global Peace Awards in the fields of Interfaith Leadership, Strengthening the Family, Service, Advancing a Culture of Peace, Good Governance, and Scholarship at a Gala celebration on December 7, 2013 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

In a statement, GPF Chairman Dr. Hyun Jin Moon said the award winners demonstrated in their respective areas “an uncommon passion for excellence and commitment to realizing a world of peace. . . . Your efforts, while diverse, underscore a mutual commitment and shared vision to realize a more peaceful world—One Family under God.”

The awards were presented at the conclusion of 2013 Global Peace Convention, “Unity in Diversity: Building Social Cohesion for Sustainable Peace through Universal Aspirations, Principles, and Values.”

Global Peace Award for Promoting a Culture of Peace

Malaysian Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak received the 2013 Global Peace Award for Promoting a Culture of Peace at the ceremony. The Prime Minister was chosen for his efforts in building cross-cultural relationships, for pioneering the Global Movement of Moderates and for his role in resolving the Bangsamoro conflict between the Philippine Government and the Moro Islamic Liberation Front.

Prime Minister Najib said it was an honor to receive such award. “The purpose is to achieve peace not just during our time, but for all times,” he wrote in a Facebook posting. “Although the path to true peace is long and arduous, I am confident that we have made great strides towards promoting understanding and goodwill among our fellow men.”

Interfaith Leadership Award

Bishop Sunday Onuoha, Executive Director of the Nigeria Inter-Faith Action Association (NIFAA) was recognized with the Interfaith Leadership Award. NIFAA unites Christian and Muslim leaders in a multi-sector efforts to engage religious communities in the fight against poverty and disease.

A key faith-based partner of the Nigerian government’s National Malaria Control Programme, NIFAA is training some 300,000 religious leaders through its “Faiths United for Health” campaign to spearhead the distribution of anti-malarial bed nets throughout the country. Bishop Sunday was also recognized for his exemplary national leadership in the GPF Nigeria One Family under God campaign.

Leadership in Strengthening Families Award

The Leadership in Strengthening Families Award was presented to Professor Leah T. Marangu, Vice Chancellor of Africa Nazarene University, Kenya. The founding Chair of the Kenya National Character and Creativity Initiative (CCI) Council, Professor Marangu has provided exemplary leadership and expertise on the implementation and development of the CCI education initiative, a project of the Global Peace Foundation.

Dr. Marangu is also the first Kenyan woman to serve at the helm of a university and has devoted her teaching career to research on women’s health, the role of women in food production, and science education for girls.

Outstanding Service Award

His Eminence Cardinal Guadencio Borbon Rosales, the Archbishop of Manila.

His Eminence Cardinal Guadencio Borbon Rosales, the Archbishop of Manila (2003-2011), was selected for the Outstanding Service Award. Cardinal Rosales is the founder of Pondo ng Pinoy, a poverty alleviation program which is considered as Rosales’ legacy to the Church and the poor. Cardinal Rosales is also Patron of Alllights Village Philippines, a GPF initiative which provides solar lights and other community development support to remote provinces and islands in the Philippines. Monsignor Jesus-Norriel Balin Bandojo accepted the award on behalf of Cardinal Rosales.

Good Governance Award

Hon. Lilian Samaniego, a National Senator in the Republic of Paraguay, was honored with the Good Governance Award.  She earned her Doctorate in Biochemistry from the National University of Asuncion. She joined the Colorado Party in 1982, the largest political party in Paraguay, and is currently the party’s president as well as president of the Central Commission of Women of the Colorado Party.

Sen. Samaniego is credited with rebuilding the party after its defeat in the 2008 general elections based on a platform of transparency and good governance. Senator Samaniego was reelected for a third term in 2013.

Innovative Scholarship for Peace Award

Dr. Oscar Alvarez Araya, former Ambassador of Costa Rica to the Republic of China and current Professor of Latin America International Policy at the University of Costa Rica was recognized with the Innovative Scholarship for Peace Award. Dr. Alverez has been the Coordinator of the Latin American Network of the World Movement for Democracy since 2008 and a Professor of International Relations at National University since 2006.

Dr. Alvarez was a consultant for the Culture of Peace and Democracy Program of the University for Peace of the United Nations (1996-1998) and a consultant of the United Nations Development Programme. In recent years he taught World Religion, inviting guest speakers representing the world’s major faiths, promoting comparative studies, and focusing on their shared values and principles as a way to build a culture of peace.

The Global Peace Foundation congratulates the award winners for their exemplary public service and upholding the vision of One Family under God.

The 2014 Global Peace Awards will be conferred at the Global Peace Convention in Asunción, Paraguay at a time to be announced.

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