Global Peace Festival 2022 Draws Some 15 Thousand Youth and International Peace Advocates

Ana Reid
December 16, 2022

Music and Dance Affirm a Message of Peace “Bigger than the Universe”

Thousands arrived by the bus, from nearby streets and schools, and some from far off countries. Festival music echoed through the air as excitement rose as all made their way into the Clark Global City Grounds in Pampanga, Philippines on Dec 3, 2022. Just an open field the day before, an impressive stage presence beckoned a sea of vivacious young people to what would be a night of performances and inspiring messages from respected role models.

A lineup of talented youth injected energy into the program, with colorful costumes and beautiful interpretations of their culture—a fusion of treasured heritage and upbeat rhythms. And what excitement and energy from the youth on stage! Lively movement in perfect harmony with each other; vocals and lightshows filled the night sky.

These youth were born to deliver a message through music and dance!  As the night progressed, the music enlivened the hearts and minds of the many young people gathered. The main theme of the festival? A brilliant dream “bigger than the universe,” of Global Peace.

What a treat to witness the beautiful hearts and minds of peace-loving Filipinos; it is incredible to see what can be accomplished with a common goal.

This festival was “peace in action,” and beautifully coordinated to serve as a catalyst of heart-opening discovery. “What is my role in Global Peace? How can I take ownership of this dream?” The moving performances coupled with thought provoking words served as a gateway to open the hearts and minds to these questions.

While some came in small groups, others came with their entire class. By the end of the night, it was as though all were of one mind. National pride was strong; how proud one Filipino would be to see their community come together in such a way, and for this inspiring reason. Peace takes a whole community, and each of us has a role to play. By the end of the program, students lingering impression was that their favorite role models, like Catriona Gray, BINI, and others, were owners of the Vision for a World of Freedom and Peace. By playing their own part, they could also be owners too.

Global Peace Foundation Chairman Dr. Hyun Jin Preston Moon presents an inspirational message to thousands of youth at the conclusion of the Global Peace Festival.

Empowerment of one individual is exponential when those closest to you have a shared experience in a festival such as this. Global Peace Festival 2022 will no doubt be the year’s highlight for many of these youth and a tipping point for them in the way they think and act towards Peace. At the core, young people are naturally filled with hope and joy; reminding them of their role as Peace Makers can be all that one needs to make positive changes towards a common goal. Where one begins, so others can follow.

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