Dr. Manu Chandaria’s Life of Service and Innovation Recognized with the 2014 Lifetime Achievement Transformation Kenya Award

Global Peace Foundation
June 20, 2014

Dr. Manu Chandaria, chairman of the Global Peace Foundation – Africa was recently nominated for the Lifetime Achievement Transformation Kenya Award for 2014.

This follows a long list of recognitions for his innovation as CEO of Comcraft Group of Companies and his tireless service to Kenya, Africa and the world. He holds the titles for the Order of the British Empire (OBE) from Queen Elizabeth II, and the esteemed Kenyan Elder of the Burning Spear.

Last year, he was recognized with the Forbes Special Lifetime Achievement Award for his part in establishing the East African Business Council. Forbes Africa credits the East African Business Council for being the driving impetus for greater African integration, including the creation of the East African Community.

But, what lies closest to Mr. and Mrs. Chandarias’ hearts is their commitment to giving back to their community.  In an interview with Joon Ang Monthy in 2010, Manu Chandaria talked about the inspiration he got from Gandhi. Particularly the teaching that people are not owners of wealth but trustees asked to manage wealth.

Dr. Chandaria also firmly believes that volunteerism is the key to peace. At the Africa Conference on Volunteer Action in 2012, Dr. Chandaria told attendees, “When we change the mindset from one of what is in it for me, to one of service we can take action for peace and development.”

Dr. Chandaria and his brother founded the Chandaria Foundation in 1954 after a trip to the United States where he was inspired by the Rockafeller Foundation. His philanthropic work is expansive. His foundation he has funded hospitals, universities, local development projects. He is also active on several government boards and committees, such as the Street Families Rehabilitation Trust Fund.

Since 2009 he has been involved with the Global Peace Foundation. He currently is the chairman of Global Peace Foundation-Africa.  During his chairmanship, GPF- Kenya received a commendation from the United Nations in 2013 for its “outstanding efforts [in] promoting a culture of service among youth in Kenya.

Dr. Chandaria has also worked to build bridges through dialogue and cooperative engagement.  Following the 2007 post-election violence, GPF- Kenya, Dr. Chandaria, the Kenyan government worked with local communities to promote peace throughout the nation. Prior to the 2013 elections, GPF partnered with other agencies and companies to host a National Youth Summit series to ensure peaceful youth engagement during the elections. GPF was later credited by IGAD for its contribution.

Dr. and Mrs. Chandaria’s Jain roots play a big part in how they live their lives. They treasure the blessing of each day and their connection to others.  Despite their business success, they live humbly.

Dr. Chandaria and his wife have been models of moral and innovative leadership in his personal, business and philanthropic life. The Global Peace Foundation is grateful for their contribution towards the vision of One Family under God.

We are proud of this newest recognition. May you and your family be blessed with many happy and healthy years!

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