The Global Peace Foundation, One Korea Foundation, Action for Korea United, National Strategy Institute, and Global Peace Institute hosted three sessions during the Global Peace Convention to examine the prospects for and implications of a unified Korea peninsula.  

Scholars noted the significance of the ancient Korean ethos of Hongik Ingan, or “living for the benefit of humanity,” as an ideal that could transcend the political and social divide separating North and South.

In 2015, AKU’s “A New Era Unification Song Campaign” spread a yearning for Korean reunification and strong desire for “One Korea.” The theme song, “One Dream One Korea,” was warmly received by worldwide fans of Hallyu (Korean pop culture), gaining millions of views on the Internet across more than 220 countries. Now AKU aims to further expand this message by embarking on a global-scale campaign with another song like the landmark recording “We are the World,” the 1985 recording by leading USA artists. The song of hope for Korean reunification and world peace will reverberate in every corner of the world.

At the conclusion of the Convention, a special One K Global Peace Concert featuring leading K-pop artists at the SM Mall of Asia Arena drew thousands of youth to raise popular awareness of Korean unification as a means to resolve conflict and advance human welfare in the region and world.

“The unification of Korea will be an historic event that contributes to peace and prosperity all around the world.”

—Hon. Jin Pyo Kim, former Deputy Prime Minister, Republic of Korea

  • More than 50 reports were published by international media on the Korea sessions, including Korean newspaper interviews with Heritage Foundation founder Dr. Edwin Feulner.
  • The Director of Ulaanbaatar Dialog, Nanjin Dorjsuren, proposed follow-up meetings for Northeast Asia scholars in Mongolia.
  • Russian and American scholars proposed to convene a forum on Russian policy and perspectives in Moscow.
  • Wide circulation of the recent book, Korean Dream: A Vision for a Unified Korea, by Global Peace Foundation chairman Dr. Hyun Jin Moon.
  • 2017 One K Global Peace Concert in Manila as part of the One K Concert Global Tour, showcased popular K-pop artists and multiple Grammy Award-winning writers and producers Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis in a display of global commitment to the peaceful reunification of the Korean people and global peace.