Bringing Sustainable Development to Paraguay Communities through Fish Farming

Naomi MacMurdie
September 19, 2022

As part of an ongoing fish farming project to encourage sustainable development in rural parts of Paraguay, Global Peace Foundation (GPF) Paraguay partnered with the Technical Mission of the Republic of China to organize a training program in pond management techniques and fry production in the city of Eusebio Ayala in June and July 2022.

Eight people were selected from the city of Puerto Casado as part of a social development program by Atenil SA, which mobilizes approximately 200 people in weekly rotating shifts in order to enable and rehabilitate 40 fish farming ponds in the city. These chosen individuals participated in 36 hours of theoretical and practical classes that included visits to fields, ponds, and other bodies of water near the area.

Throughout the program, students learned methods of conservation, maintenance, and production processes. They analyzed the processes of verifying land suitable for pond construction and how to build them. Participants also had the opportunity to develop techniques for the use of open spaces in order to grow food for the shoals and how to implement other sustainable projects like the fattening of tilapia and pacu for subsequent commercialization.

Training programs like this one have proven to have an extraordinary impact on participants and their communities. While GPF may help provide the initial supplies and manpower to implement community development programs, the process depends on fostering local leaders who have the drive and commitment to sustain their own growth for the sake of their greater community. This model is seen in other GPF chapters around the world, from agricultural development in Malaysia to implementing solar technology in rural Cambodia.

With support from GPF and our partners, residents of Puerto Casado are now enjoying a new opportunity for growth, new businesses, and new jobs, positively impacting their families and communities for years to come.

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