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Global Peace Foundation
September 22, 2015

More than 30 people contributed their voices and expertise in the production of the newly released Unification Song “One Dream One Korea.”

Among them were some pretty reknown K-pop singers. Joining the ranks were also Minister of Unification Hong Young-pyo and opposing political party representatives Kim MooSung and Moon Jae-in.

AOA, music group for OneKorea Concert


“Choa from AOA is doing a concert for peace.” Choa, AOA
B1A4 - Sandeul, KPOP Group


“Let’s do this together! One Dream for One Korea.” Sandeul, B1A4
EXID - Solji, KPOP Group


“One Korea where everyone is happy!!” Solji, EXID 
EXO - Baekhyun, KPOP Group


“I want you, let’s hold hands.” Baekhyun, EXO
Minah from Girls Day, KPOP Group


“Let’s sing this song together! One Korea.” Minah, Girls Day
Chun Chanwoo from GOLD, KPOP Group


“Korea mansei!” Chun Chanwoo, Gold
Kim Tae Gyu, KPOP Artist


“For our dream, let’s feel it in our heart.” Kim Tae Gyu
GOT7 - Youngjae, KPOP Group


“Let’s go to Mt. Baedu.” YoungjaeGOT7
Gyu-Ri from KARA, KPOP Group


“One Dream One Korea. Don’t forget, we’re not really different.” Gyu-ri, Kara
Kim, Jo Han, KPOP Artist


“One Dream One Korea. Make it happen.” Kim Jo Han
Kim So Hyun, South Korean Actress


“Until the day that our dream is real, let’s do this together.” Kim So-Hyun
Na, YoonKwon, Kpop singer


“Until the day we become one – for the dream that is deep in our hearts.” Na Yoon Kwon
Moon Jae-In, New Politics Alliance for Democracy for One Dream One Korea


“Korea that will reunify will start with economic unification.” Rep. Moon Jae-in, New Politics Alliance for Democracy
Wendy from Red Velvet, KPOP Group


“One Dream One Korea – until the day we become one.” Wendy, Red Velvet
Kim MooSung from the Saenuri Party for One Dream One Korea


“Reunification is the true way for a bright recovery.” Rep. Kim Musong, Saenuri Party
Soyou from SISTAR, KPOP Group


“One Dream One Korea.” Soyou, SISTAR
Son Ho Jun, KPOP Artist


“Fighting for peace!” Son Jun-ho
Hong Young-pyo, South Korean Unification Minister for One Dream One Korea


“Our wish is to have One Korea.” Hong Yongpyo, South Korean Unification Minister
Ken from VIXX, KPOP Group


“The day where everyone becomes one…One Dream One Korea.” Ken, VIXX
YangPa, KPOP Artist


“One Dream for One Korea!” Yangpa
Yenny from Wondergirls, KPOP Group


“One Dream One Korea!” Yenny, Wondergirls
Younha, Kpop artist


“One-K – Our Dream for Unity” Younha
Jungkook from Bulletproof Boys, KPOP Group


“Speak out for our dream for unity.” Jungkook, Bulletproof Boys (Bangtan Boys)
Kang Joonwoo from Rose Inn, KPOP Group


“Let’s go on a trip to Pyongyang.” Kang Joonwoo, Rose Inn
Yook Joonwan from Rose Inn, KPOP Group


“Let’s go to Pyongyang.” Yook JoonWan, Rose Inn

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