Youth of Nepal Determined to Bring Peace to Their Home

Eric Olsen
August 15, 2013

International Youth Day in Nepal

The still recent history of civil war (1996-2006) and unrest in Nepal has left Nepalese fragmented along ethnic, religious and ideological differences.

But since 2008, the youth of Nepal have demanded peace and unity. Global Peace Association and Global Peace Youth Corps in Nepal have been an integral part of empowering the youth to take action.

Recently the Global Peace Youth Corps has launched U-gen (Unification Gen) as a leadership and character development program for youth that promotes social cohesion and civic responsibility. Through leadership development workshops, community development and service projects, U-Gen seeks to equip youth with the tools necessary to be future innovators and leaders of Nepal.

On August 11th and 12th, Nepalese youth gathered in Bansbari, Kathmandu on UN International Youth Day, for a one day workshop sponsored by Global Peace Youth Corps- Nepal.

The workshop theme was, “Empowering Youth through a Positive, Constructive and Innovative Approach.”

The seminar allowed the youth to examine universal principles of peace and happiness, address current issues of their community and create positive peer and mentor relationships.

Ms. Marissa Polnerow, the U.S. Embassy’s Cultural Affairs Officer was a guest speak at the workshop. According to the U.S. Embassy to Nepal, Ms. Polnerow “highlighted the significance of International Youth Day“, and encouraged the attendees to assertively address issues facing their generation. This year, International Youth Day focused particularly on the implications and challenges of youth migration.

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