Youth in Brazil take the Lead in COVID Prevention

Massimo Trombin
April 15, 2020

BRAZIL, March 20, 2020—The National Congress approved a decree that recognizes a “State of Public Calamity” as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

In response to the global crisis, on March 22, CONJUVE – National Youth Council (formed and regulated by Federal Law 11.129 of 2005 as an advisory body of the Federative Republic of Brazil on youth issues, representing 51 million Brazilian youths with the Federal Government, and a partner of Global Peace Foundation in Brazil), created the Crisis Committee on a temporary basis. The Committee created Working Groups to execute the CONJUVE Action Plan in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19).

COVID infographicAware of the importance of disseminating reliable information, supported by official and scientific data, translated into different languages ​​and broadcast in different formats and channels, the Working Groups hope to contribute to providing information on the risks and responsibilities of the population in combating COVID-19. In the face of the pandemic scenario, the Working Groups will have the important task of:

1. Mapping, gathering and systematizing official sources and data;

2. Identifying good references for content produced and disseminated;

3. Proposing different types and formats of content that are considered important to be disseminated or articulated;

4. Create and produce graphic material (infographics, videos, cards, and other formats) for the dissemination of the content proposed by the CONJUVE Communication Advisory;

5. Propose a strategy for mobilization, articulation and communication to local organizations and society;

6. Map, systematize and prioritize organizations, networks and communication channels with society;

7. Establish a flow of information and related processes;

8. Mobilize councils, public managers, youth organizations and institutions in general in favor of a single campaign;

GPF Brazil, through its representative and Vice-President Mr. Romel Munhoz, is part of the Working Group that belongs to the CONJUVE Crisis Committee for the Coronavirus Pandemic (COVID-19) through the action plan for the mobilization and articulation of organizations, networks and communication channels with society, with a focus on youth-led initiatives.

At the same time, GPF Brazil is part of the Special Commission for Productive Inclusion where it will play a very important role in supporting young micro and small business entrepreneurs, as well as vulnerable youths who will find it even more difficult to enter the labor market for a long time after the containment of the pandemic, due to the economic crisis.

This commission will be in front of CONJUVE to direct and file a letter to the Ministry of Economy and the Ministry of Citizenship in support of the measures adopted and recommend a package of measures to protect youth. CONJUVE will also enter as a partner of CIEDS in the Mentors Program to support small businesses in this scenario in which many are at risk of going bankrupt.

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