Young Women Graduate from Global Peace Young Leaders Academy in Nepal

Naomi Yakawich
December 18, 2017

“After joining the Academy, I found a huge amount of positive energy, empathy, compassion and determination within me… I feel like a true and real leader now. I have decided to live for the greater good.”

—Deepa Neupane

Eighteen young women graduated from Global Peace Women Young Leaders Academy last October after completing three months of leadership training workshops and sessions with local experts and entrepreneurs in Nepal.

The Academy, created by the women’s division of Global Peace Foundation (GPF) Nepal, instills core values and lifelong skills encouraging moral and innovative leadership for young women. Workshops highlighted teamwork, ownership, living for the greater good and the determination to dream big. In the process, the young leaders discovered their aspirations, strengths and weaknesses as individuals and members of a larger team.

Young women of the Global Peace Women Leadership Academy convene with other leaders and experts in Nepal

Ms. Muskan Prasai expressed her gratitude to be a part of the leaders academy, praising the program as insightful. “It makes absolute sense in terms of values and principles,” she said, “The information and acquired skills learned in this workshop will greatly help me achieve my goals in my social and personal life. I appreciated the quiet time that we shared by giving and learning. This was an excellent workshop with practical exercises and worthwhile information that I can use in many days to come.”

Other graduates of the Academy were happy to share their experiences:

“After joining the Academy, I found a huge amount of positive energy, empathy, compassion and determination within me. It helped me a lot in becoming a good human being by embracing family values and its importance… My dedication has strengthened towards women’s leadership and I am determined to build up a better family and community. In fact, I feel like a true and real leader now. I have decided to live for the greater good.” Deepa Neupane

“It was a journey to learn and discover things; a place to knowing yourself better and to be a better person. The workshops and sessions helped me to open up and lead me to path of self discovery for which I will always be grateful.” —Suhani Upreti

“This 12-week journey with amazing ladies was very inspiring. It taught me to question my self-worth and reform my identity. The most important question that I learned in GPWYLA and that still hits my mind is ‘What is your WHY?’ I learned to question everything I was doing and it helped me to come up with improved, better plans. I am extremely thankful to GPWYLA for giving us such a learning opportunity and chance to form our own network.” Sumi Limbu

“I really lacked confidence before joining the Academy as I was unaware of my strengths and weaknesses. I learned that one should lead by example and inspire others to do the same. The journey of GPWYLA was a path of self-discovery. For instance, I didn’t know that I had a commanding voice until I joined here and my friends praised me for it. Hence, I starting working on my strengths more and I tried enhancing it by daily practices. Thus, GPWYLA is a place to learn everything, from improving little habits to learning about extraordinary achievements.” —Georgina Joshi

The young women had the opportunity to grow their public speaking skills and interact with various community leaders who shared their expertise. With their newfound knowledge, confidence and leadership skills, two of the participants were awarded with a $500 grant to create, implement and lead a project serving the needs of their communities.

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