Young Peacebuilders Share Skills during Seven-Month Nepal Leadership Practicum

Eric Olsen
February 2, 2022
Two women standing side by side

Two participants of the seven-month peacebuilding practicum with certificates of completion.

The Global Peacebuilders Practicum Nepal is a seven-month program for youth to develop leadership skills, promote peace and service, and create a positive impact in their communities.

Organized by Global Peace Women Nepal and Global Peace Foundation Nepal and funded in part by the Rotary Clubs of Mercer Island and Bhadgaon, the practicum encouraged young and rising professionals to share their skills through ongoing webinars and virtual engagements.

“My passion for helping the helpless is one reason I am inspired to become a social worker,” said Aruna Poudel, a practicum participant. Aruna collaborated with the local organization Chetanshil Pratisthan to distribute hygiene kits to students and parents in her community.

Practicum Fellows also provided food relief to their communities and families through Project Samudayik Sewa, a joint effort of GPW Nepal with GPF to help families of daily wage workers and people with disabilities struggling during the Covid19 lockdown. The project has reached 366 families in 25 communities and is preparing relief for 200 more families.

Throughout the April to November 2021 practicum, more than 20 peacebuilder Fellows were asked to organize one session each on either professional capacity building, service, or self-care. Those presenting sessions included:

  • Ms. Anushree Acharya, a clinical dietician, hosted a self-care session on healthy eating habits. Participants learned about maintaining a healthy, nutritious, immunity-boosting diet during the pandemic.
  • Dr. Narendra Singh Thagunna, a Consultant Psychologist, facilitated sessions on mental health wellbeing.
  • Sanju Baral, a scholar of the City of Ten Thousand Buddhas, gave sessions on emotional management.
  • Bidur Phuyal, a yoga master and motivator, gave tips on stress management during this pandemic.
  • Tika Dahal, the founder, and chairperson of Nepal Disabled Women Association, encouraged peacebuilders to promote youth advocacy.
  • Shristika Bajracharya, a paralegal, gave an awareness session on sexual harassment, the legal provisions against it, and steps to create a safe space for everyone.


Flyer of speakers

Peacebuilder Fellows also visited two orphanages in celebration of Dashain, the major harvest festival of Nepal. They spent the afternoon sharing gift boxes, letters of encouragement, and love and warmth with each individual child.

Another peacebuilder fellow, Sonu Gyawali is providing spiritual education and awareness on selfless action, awareness, and devotion from the Bhagavat Gita, one of Hinduism’s sacred texts.

Volunteer with child

Peacebuilder Fellows supported children at two orphanages.

On International Day of Peace, observed annually on September 21 by a unanimous UN declaration, the Fellows joined the international commemoration for peace with a video message from their collective voices.

These young peacebuilders have been given the opportunity to learn, engage, and promote peace and service in their communities through the Global Peacebuilders Program.

To find out more about the Global Peacebuilder Practicum contact GPW Nepal’s Facebook page.

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