Young Leaders Transformed through Global Peace Youth Exchange Nepal

July 10, 2017
Global Peace Foundation

“It’s not easy. I know it’s hard but I think we learn when we step out of our comfort zones. So, even though it’s not going to be easy, when I get over this trek, I will look back and realize, yeah, it was worth it.” -Isha Poudel

Eighteen international delegates were transformed when they participated in the 2017 Global Peace Youth Exchange (GPYE) in Nepal. The full nine-day program held from April 19-28 included leadership development workshops, an immersing service project with locals affected in 2015 by the devastating earthquake, and a four-day outdoor adventure challenge cultivating self-reflection and teambuilding as essential components of moral and innovative leadership.

Runiy Bin Maldud, a delegate from Malaysia, succinctly summarized the purposeful method of Global Peace Youth’s strenuous outdoor adventure programs when he encouraged aspiring young leaders everywhere saying, “Challenge yourself! You will be amazed with the results,” advocating that growth can only be a result of pushing oneself beyond the confines of comfort.  

Read more inspiring testimonies from the 2017 GPYE in Nepal.

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