Young Leaders Forge Common Ground on Shared Vision for the Future

Naomi Yakawich
August 11, 2015

Motivated young delegates from 24 countries around the world, some who had traveled over 40 hours to get to Washington D.C. were asked, “What do you wish for your future children?”

Leonard T. Faustino, President of Global Peace Youth Philippines, at the opening night of IYLA.

Monday marked the start of the 2015 International Young Leaders Assembly scheduled to visit global institutions like the World Bank and the United Nations in Washington, D.C., Philadelphia, and New York.

Leonard T. Faustino, President of Global Peace Youth Philippines, responded “To raise children who have strong, mature characters that can allow for future transformation.” He added, “I hope someday that my children will have the heart willing to serve other people.”

CEO of Global Peace Foundation’s Malaysian chapter Dr. Teh Su Thye and James Poon, Partnership Director at Global Peace Youth challenged the young leaders to step out of their comfort zone. Participants were encouraged to engage on a deeper level with each other, answering questions like “What are you passionate about?”

Dr. Teh urged them to open up and allow their ideas to flourish and spread.

The International Young Leaders Assembly brings together participants from around the world.

The IYLA seeks to create formidable bonds to form a network of global youth leaders. Despite varying backgrounds, languages, and cultures, the program seeks to bring young leaders together through a shared framework for moral and innovative leadership based on vision, service and entrepreneurship.

Monday was the start of an exciting 10-day journey. The days to come will present countless networking opportunities, engaging discussions and renowned guest speakers – opportunities that will open the stage for exchange and discovery.

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