Woo-Hyun Cho at Symposium on Paraguay and South Korea Relations

Global Peace Foundation
June 23, 2014

Woo-Hyun Cho
Former Vice-Minister of the Ministry of Construction and Transportation and the Chief of Incheon International Airport

Woo-Hyun Cho spoke at Fundacion Paz Global (Global Peace Foundation) and Paraguayan Think-Tank IDPPS hosted an international symposium, on June 17, 2014, entitled: “Towards an Alliance between Paraguay and South Korea.” High-level representatives from business and government convened to explore opportunities to bolster current and future relations between Paraguay and Korea.

Woo-Hyun Cho expresses, “Korea desires to add new vitality to Paraguay’s economic development by sharing models of the economic development, know-how of the S.O.C. development, technologies and experiences of Korea in the field.”

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