Women’s Leadership Featured at the 2017 Global Peace Convention

Naomi Yakawich
February 24, 2017

The 2017 Global Peace Convention in the Philippines has a special track dedicated to examining women’s critical leadership role in both building sustainable peace and strengthening families in their communities around the world.

The UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) target increased opportunities for women in education, the economy, politics, and public life. There is a gap between these goals and the realization of women’s full leadership potential. The world remains challenged to adequately acknowledge the importance of women’s leadership in the family, especially in raising the next generation, which equips them with interpersonal and decision-making skills to succeed in society and achieve peace.

GPC sessions will include influential women leaders in diverse professional fields, sharing best practices and helping participants gain insights into a more holistic understanding of women’s leadership and explore practices to implement in their families and communities. Covering topics like gender-based violence prevention, cultural transformation and conflict resolution, the convention not only provides practical knowledge but also an important opportunity for women leadership advocates to expand their network.

The women’s track will include a special training program by Healthy Relationships California a preeminent relationship education organization that has served more than 200,000 teens and adults to become agents of change in their homes and communities. The Women’s Peace Exhibition will incorporate artwork from around the world, including film and literature, which promotes global peace.

Follow the Women’s Leadership track to explore the strides being made to elevate the unique value of women in the family and transformative power of women leadership.

Global Peace Women (GPW), a division of the Global Peace Foundation (GPF), recognizes the inherent qualities of women that make them profoundly effective leaders to promote peace. GPW implements programs and activities that advocate for women’s rights, strengthen families, prevent gender-based violence, and promote women as leaders for positive social transformation.

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