Welcome to the 2017 Global Peace Convention: A Message from the GPF Chairman

Global Peace Foundation
February 21, 2017

Moral and Innovative Leadership: New Models for Peace and Development

Dr. Hyun Jin P. Moon

It is my great pleasure to welcome you to the Global Peace Convention 2017 here in the Philippines, this beautiful nation of over 7,000 islands and diverse, vibrant people united by the aspiration expressed in the national motto: for the love of God, People, Nature and Country. The capital city Manila, a colorful tapestry of ethnic, cultural, and religious diversity, is a fitting host for this seventh Global Peace Convention, at which participants from many nations and representing diverse sectors have gathered to explore critical global issues, share best practices, and develop innovative and action-driving solutions to building peace and social cohesion.

Global Peace Foundation (GPF) is proud of our long-standing work in the Philippines, including All-Lights Villages, GPF’s Alternative Learning System (GlobALS), and the Global Peace Youth Exchange – projects that work to empower local communities in ways that will contribute to the Philippines’ development as a regional and global leader.

GPF and its partners have made remarkable strides since the first Global Peace Convention was held here in Manila in 2009. It is quite meaningful to meet here again with outstanding men and women from every continent who aspire to build genuine peace, uplifting the dignity of human life and central importance of personal responsibility and family commitment, guided by the vision of One Family under God.

The theme for this year’s convention, ‘Moral and Innovative Leadership: New Models for Peace and Development,’ is highly relevant in this time of turmoil and rapid change, the impact of which is felt within families and communities, and resonates on a global level. History shows us that peace and prosperity can be secured only when nations exemplify integrity, good governance, and responsibility, and when leaders join together, building on a foundation of universal spiritual principles and shared values. Our hope is that the multi-sector peacebuilders gathering here from over 40 nations can use this platform to gain new insights, forge new partnerships, and launch new initiatives.

The Global Peace Convention 2017 is designed to be a catalyst for a movement toward global peace and prosperity by transforming education, engaging youth in service and leadership training, highlighting the role of women in peacebuilding, encouraging interfaith partnerships that unite communities, and strengthening regional development through ethical business practices. We believe that the starting point is a vision for a shared future that uplifts universally recognized principles and values as essential tools for building a cohesive global community of genuine peace, freedom, and high ideals.

I hope that the insights you gain and the interactions you have during this Convention will be most meaningful and enriching, and that we all may leave better equipped to work together for the betterment of the entire human family.

Dr. Hyun Jin P. Moon

Chairman, Global Peace Foundation

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