Volunteers Nurture Thousands of Trees in Mongolia

Global Peace Foundation
November 25, 2019

Eco Project volunteers carry water to water thousands of trees in Mongolia

Youth in Mongolia are contributing to making their communities greener by bringing awareness to eco-friendly practices and volunteering for projects like planting and watering thousands of trees to combat desertification. In the hot summer months, more than forty volunteers from the community, including teachers and students from one of Ulaanbaatar’s local high school, participated in a collaborative effort to build and paint strong fences for the home of a “green facility” housing new trees. The latest “eco-volunteer” activity in October brought together over 140 young people who watered more than 16,000 trees.

Requiring the constant support of the local community, Global Peace Foundation Mongolia projects inspire local communities to take an active role in combating draught and dust, creating comfortable, healthy environments for citizens.

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