Visits to Local Palaces Advocate for Peace in Nigeria

Emiko Perea
February 22, 2021
GPF representatives visit Chief of Kuje Area Council

GPF representatives visit Chief of Kuje Area Council.

People from different cultures and religions in Nigeria have faced ongoing challenges due to identity-based conflict in the region. In order to help bring communities together, Global Peace Foundation (GPF) Nigeria has implemented programs, visits to local influential leaders, and forums to advocate for peaceful coexistence in many communities. Recently, Rev. John Hayab, GPF Nigeria country director, visited Kuje palace to share the message of creating social cohesion as one family under God to the Chief of Kuje Area Council, Alhaji Haruna Jibrin, and his subjects.

During his visit, Rev. John Hayab emphasized the significance of building peace structures in preventing conflicts among people of different backgrounds from escalating. According to the Real News Magazine, he said,

“All hands must be on the deck, as stakeholders, community leaders, we need to work together, evil will not disappear amongst us if we don’t unite. But when we unite, we will stop it. One of the challenges we have in this country is that we don’t work in communities that are not in conflicts. Then, when there is conflict, people are already tense and confused. We need to build structures of peace across the communities so that they will not start running helter-skelter.”

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