UnB Agencia Reports “University of Brasilia Hosts 5 Latin American Former Presidents”

November 24, 2015
Global Peace Foundation

Five former Latin American presidents attended the 2015 Global Peace Leadership Conference (GPLC), hosted by Global Peace Foundation Brazil (GPF Brazil), within the walls of Darcy Ribeiro Memorial at the University of Brasilia (UnB) on November 12th. The former presidents in attendance were Jaime Paz Zamora (Bolivia, 1989-1993), Nicolás Ardito Barletta (Panamá, 1984-1985), Luis Alberto Lacalle (Uruguay, 1990-1995), Vinicio Cerezo (Guatemala, 1986-1991) and Carlos Mesa (Bolivia, 2003-2005). 

Global Peace Leadership Conference 2015 forum - former Latin American presidents
Former Latin American presidents during the opening session.
Photo: Julio Minasi/UnB Agência

During round table discussions, moderator and GPF Brazil President, Lucilene Macedo, encouraged speakers and participants to engage in debates pertaining to Brazil’s issues in development, ethical leadership, and freedom of press. 

“All of us want a transformational, moral and innovative leadership, that can bring development and integrity. The challenge is how to do that. I would like each one of you, in the experiences you had as heads of state, to give us suggestions.”  ~Lucilene Macedo

In response to Macedo’s statement, former presidents Luis Alberto Lacalle (Uruguay), Nicolás Ardito Barletta (Panamá), Carlos Mesa (Bolivia), Jaime Zamora (Bolivia), and Vinicio Cerezo (Guatemala) passionately engaged in conversations regarding ethical leadership, improvement of civil society, totality among Latin American nations, and youth education, among the other topics. 

Since 2010, the GPLC has brought together government and private sector actors into necessary dialogue that focuses on fostering moral and innovative societal development and growth. 

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