The New Unification Song, “One Dream One Korea” will be available for free download on the 15th

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October 23, 2015

Musong Kim, Jaein Moon harmonize together with EXO for the sake of reunification

Representative Musong Kim from Saenuri Party and Representative Jaein Moon from the New Politics Alliance for Democracy sang together for the sake reunification.

On the 4th, Rep. Musong Kim participated in the recording of the “One Dream One Korea” music video in composer Hyun-Seok Kim’s studio in Seongsoo-dong, Seoul.

“One Dream One Korea” was made as the new unification song of the New Era Unification Song Campaign in order to inspire the 1020 generation with the vision and hopes for a reunified Korean peninsula. Composer Hyung-Seok Kim, Director Kolleen Park, lyricist Eana Kim, top K-Pop stars like EXO all participated in the making of the song.

The New Era Unification Song Campaign is a civic-led movement that involves over 1100 civic organizations both domestic and abroad. The Ministry of Unification is giving special sponsorship to the campaign and the President’s Committee for Unification Preparation and the Committee for the 70th Anniversary of Korean Liberation are also sponsoring the campaign.

There are two versions of the song targeting the 1020 generation. One is a duet version by Yangpa and Na Yoon-Kwon and the other is a chorus version that involves 27 artists such as EXO, EXID, Wonder Girls.

The chorus version also has representatives from both ruling and opposing parties as well as the Minister of Unification, Yongpyo Hong. Next month on the 9th, there is the One K Concert at the World Cup Stadium in Sangam-dong. All the profits will go to civic organizations working for reunification.

Gapsan Lee, Co-Chairman of the Organizing Committee commented, “The easiest thing to start in order to solve the 70 years of division was making a song.” And, “If this song can spread all people, starting with the youth, reunification will not be pushed back anymore.”

Co-Chairman Yoonbae Lee also commented “I hope that many people will participate in the efforts of reunification through this song and bring about a reunified Korea faster.”

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