The Malaysian Insider reports Imam Shamsi Ali disagrees with Allah ruling

Global Peace Foundation
December 21, 2013

The Malaysian Insider got a unique perspective on the recent Court of Appeal ruling that banned non-muslims from using the world “Allah,” from Imam Shamsi Ali in an interview during the Global Peace Convention 2013 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Imam Shamsi disagreed with the recent ruling prohibiting Christians and non-muslims from using the word Allah, as it “reduced the greatness of God.”

Ali explained, “the first chapter of the Quran does not say the Lord of the Muslims, or the King of Muslims, it says the Lord of the Universe and the King of Human Beings.” He continues,

“So when the government limits god to God of Muslims, basically that contradicts the teaching of the Quran, which is universal.”

Imam Shamsi Ali told the Malaysian Insider that he believes the Court of Appeal ruling, allowing Putrajaya’s appeal on the banning of the word “Allah” was not only his first experience to witness Muslims trying to prohibit other religions to use “Allah.” He added that this debate in Malaysia is more than a “legal question” but also a faith-related issue.

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