Tanzania Celebrates International Women’s Day through Sport

Anu Lama
March 15, 2022

“Every woman’s success should be an inspiration to another. We’re strongest when we cheer each other on.” —Serena Williams

On March 8, 2022, friendly soccer matches in Tanzania were more than just an opportunity to have fun. The Tanzanian women’s soccer teams, including Ilala Queens, Ukonga Queens, JMK Park, and Eleven took part in a display of comradery, strength, and leadership to commemorate International Women’s Day. The event was a joint collaboration between Global Peace Foundation (GPF) Tanzania, Global Peace Women (GPW) Tanzania, Tan Football, Women Football Tanzania, and UN Women.

Girl's soccer team

The event was part of ongoing efforts in Tanzania to mitigate gender-based violence against women in sports, which was launched last year on International Women’s Day.  Speakers and discussions that took place on the day emphasized the importance of collective efforts to create environments that encourage and support women’s participation, not just in sports, but in other areas of economic, social, and political development. Parents, stakeholders, media, local clubs, and associations share joint responsibility to create policies, contracts, and environments that support players on an off the field. Supportive environments not only provide employment and engagement opportunities for women but have a larger positive impact on the livelihood and quality of life of families and children. The campaign hopes that progress for women in sports can have a positive impact on women in other sectors of society.

Woman talking to soccer team

International Women’s Day celebrated in Tanzania

GPW Tanzania has played an active role in larger efforts to prevent gender-based violence and promote women’s empowerment and engagement in local communities and enterprises.

Global Peace Foundation recognizes the central role of women in advancing peace and human development, which is why we work closely with our affiliate Global Peace Women which leads initiatives that uplift women’s dignity and value, empowers families, and advances service-minded women’s leadership to foster peace in the home and society.

Global Peace Women was founded as a division of GPF in 2011 and grew to become an independent non-profit organization in September 2020. Learn more about GPW and peacebuilding programs in Tanzania.

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