Yeqing (Victor) Li

Yeqing (Victor) Li


Global Peace Young Leaders Academy & GP Youth

MBA, Georgetown University, USA

Bachelor of Law (Sociology Major), Peking University, China

He is a co-founder and the president of the Global Young Leaders Academy and the international executive director of the Global Peace Youth. He was a founding co-convener of the Asia Pacific Peace and Development Service Alliance. he is also the executive director of the International Young Leaders Asembly, a premier partnership driven global leadership development program which has empowered thousands of promising young leaders from over 120 countries. He has directed major international programs or spoke in over 20 nations and regions at prestigious places, such as United Nation General Assembly hall, UN Regional HQ in Bangkok and Nairobi, Workd Bank, US Congress, State Department, Embassies, and many leading think tanks and universities. In addition, he is the president of the China Society based in Washington, DC. Previously, he worked for the International consultant. He was former president and current honrary presdient of the Peking University Alumni Associatoin – Washington DC Metropolitan. He is married to Akiko and has a son Joshua. He is proud of his family with three citizenship of China, Japan and USA.