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Ms. Talitha Batts, M.A. ED


North Carolina Central University & My Education on Demand myEOD

Ms. Talitha Batts, M.A. ED

Talitha Batts is the founder of myEOD, an innovative learning management system that assures every student has fair and equal access to educational curriculum and resources through a protected online platform.  Ms. Batts has many years of experience in Technology, Education, and Entrepreneurship.  As an educator, she holds a position at North Carolina Central University in the School of Education teaching Emerging Technology and Digital Content.  Her passion for digital literacy and equal access in 21st-century teaching and learning is the driving force of her work. She is also the Director of the Research, Policy, and Impact Center at the North Carolina Institute for Minority Economic Development providing education, policy awareness, and opportunities to diverse small businesses.  Ms. Batts has been instrumental in establishing the brand, strategic plan, and partnerships for RPIC future initiatives.


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