Mr. Kookhan Moon

Mr. Kookhan Moon

Korean Representative

International Solidarity of Human Rights for North Koreans

Kookhan Moon is an activist working to let the world know of the suffering of North Korean people. He has rescued dozens of North Korean defectors who escaped conditions of starvation and terror, arranging hiding places in China.

In June 2001, he broke into the UN Human Rights Commission office in Beijing with seven family members of defector Gil Su Chang and assisted in the repatriation of one to South Korea, drawing the attention of the global community. The Washington Post said that the incident raised the issues of the suffering of defectors and Chosun Ilbo called it an epoch-making moment in the history of the struggle for human rights in Asia.

Urging the international community to develop interest in the actual conditions of human rights in North Korea, Representative Kookhan Moon inaugurated North Korea Human Rights International Association and International Coalition to Save North Korean Slaves.