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Dr. Syafiq A. Mughni

Professor of Islamic Civilization

National Islamic University

Dr. Syafiq A. Mughni

Dr. Syafiq A. Mughni is Professor of Islamic Civilization at National Islamic University, Surabaya He was also Rector of Muhammadiyah University at Sidoarjo. Positions include: Chairman of Muhammadiyah Provincial Board of East Java; Deputy Chairman of Muhammadiyah Central Board for Health and Humanitarian Affairs; Deputy Chairman of Muhammadiyah Central Board for Interfaith and Intercivilization Relations; Member of Provincial Board of Indonesian Council of Ulama; Member of Indonesian Society of History; Consultant on HIV&AIDS Programs, Health Policy Initiative, USAID, Indonesia; Advisor to Board of Interfaith Harmony, Provincial Government of East Java, Indonesia.


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