Dr. Sunggi Baik

Dr. Sunggi Baik


National committee for the University Reform in the Ministry for Education

Dr. Sunggi Baik is currently the Chair of National committee for the University Reform in the Ministry for Education, Chair of Coalition for Greater Unified Korea. Dr. Baik graduated from Seoul National University majoring in engineering and acquired a doctorate in material engineering at Cornell University. He worked for Oak Ridge National Laboratory as a researcher before returning to Korea to serve as a founding member of POSTECH in 1986. He taught students as a material engineering professor and served as Director of Pohang Accelerator Laboratory in 2000 and the 5th President of POSTECH in 2007.

A main area of his research is synthesis and application of ceramics, and he filed applications for 17 patents at home and abroad and presented 160 or more academic dissertations abroad while serving as President of the Korean Ceramic Society. Fellow of The American Ceramic Society, a member of International Academy of Ceramics, and a member of the National Academy of Engineering of Korea.

He was also involved in NGO activities by serving as Chairman of Pohang YMCA, Co-representative of Green Consumer Network, Chair of Korea Network for Coastal Conservation, and Representative of Green Pohang 21. He is currently serving as Chair of National committee for the University of Reform in the Ministry for Education while taking the initiative in reunification moment in the private sector as the Chair of Greater Unified Korea.