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Dr. Andrew C. Kuchins

Director and Senior Fellow

Russia and Eurasia Program

Dr. Andrew C. Kuchins

Andrew C. Kuchins is a senior fellow and director of the CSIS Russia and Eurasia Program. He is an internationally known expert on Russian foreign and domestic policies who publishes widely and is frequently called on by business, government, media, and academic leaders for comment and consulting on Russian and Eurasian affairs. His more recent scholarship has been devoted to issues including U.S.-Russia relations and the “reset,” Russia’s Asia strategy, and the role of energy in the Russian Far East. 

His recent publications include “Perspective: What’s to Follow the Demise of the US-Russian ‘Reset’” (Current History, October 2012); “The End of the ‘Reset’” (Foreign Affairs, March 2012); “Russian Foreign Policy: Continuity in Change,” coauthored with Igor Zevelev (Washington Quarterly, Winter 2012); “Laying the Groundwork for Afghanistan’s New Silk Road” (Foreign Affairs, December 2011); “Putin’s Return and Washington’s Reset With Russia” (Foreign Affairs, September 2011); “A Durable Reset” (International Herald Tribune, September 2011); “Reset Expectations: Russian Assessments of U.S. Power,” in Capacity and Resolve (CSIS, June 2011); The North Caucasus: Russia’s Volatile Frontier, coauthored with Sergey Markedonov and Matthew Malarkey (CSIS, March 2011); and Russia after the Global Economic Crisis, coedited with Anders Aslund and Sergei Guriev (Peterson Institute, June 2010).


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