Throughout history and across cultures, women have acted as peacemakers in the family and as organizers in the community. These women leaders have oftentimes been forced to pursue alternative strategies to prevent or resolve conflicts and develop creative ways to build peace in the family and community. These “soft power” methods include efforts such as dialogue, reconciliation, empathy and forgiveness that women have long-practiced. This session explores the ways in which these strategies and grassroots networks can be developed as an essential resource in advancing peace in society and among nations.

Moderator: Ms. Maria Ester Jimenez

  • Ms. Collette Caprara Editor, De Voz Center for Religion and Civil Society, Heritage Foundation
  • Dr. Hyehoon Lee Professor of Economics, Yonsei University, Former Congresswoman of South Korea
  • Dr. Eva Latham President, Human Rights Teaching International 
  • Hon. Hilda Beatriz Gonzalez de Duhalde Former First Lady and National Senator of Argentina
  • Hon. Claudia Faustina Coari National Congresswoman, Peru
  • Ms. Sonia Brucke Director, Commission for Equality, Gender and Development, Chamber of Senators, Paraguay