National transformation begins with a common vision that  fosters social cohesion and upholds the rights and dignity of all people. Women play a critical role in community-building, with their unique capacity to balance needs and relationships, but have often been overlooked and underrepresented in the political and economic spheres. This panel will discuss how empowering women to voice their insights and build a consensus around a shared national vision can lead to new perspectives, goals and strategies in development and longterm, sustainable peace.

Master of Ceremonies: Ms. Alicia Gonzalez and Mr. Enrique Castro

  • Dr. Jun Sook Moon Chairwoman, Global Peace Women
  • H.E. Laura Chinchilla Former President of Costa Rica
  • Ms. Shinsook Kwak Kim General Secretary, Global Peace Women International U.S.A.
  • Ms. Cristina Jaesoon Field International Director, Global Peace Women – Latin America Paraguay
  • Ms. Maria Ester Jimenez President of Women’s Area, Global Peace Foundation Paraguay
  • Ms. Ana Maria Baiardi Minister of Women, Paraguay
  • Hon. Lilian Samaniego National Senator; Member, Global Peace Advisory Council Paraguay