Republican democracies must recognize that freedom is a natural right, universal and inalienable, of every individual, endowed by the Creator and not by any law or government. A liberal democratic affirmation of the dignity of each person enjoins greater ethical integrity both for the prosperity and survival of the republic, and also serves as a bulwark against authoritarian temptations. This session will explore the relationship between freedom and civil responsibility, with the understanding that rights and duties cannot be separated from each other.

Moderator: Mr. Jorge Guldenzoph President, National Leadership Conference – Uruguay

  • H.E. Luis Alberto Lacalle Former President of Uruguay
  • H.E. Carlos Mesa Former President of Bolivia
  • H.E. Gustavo Noboa Former President of Ecuador
  • H.E. Eduardo Dualde Former President of Argentina
  • H.E. Rafael Calderon Former President of Costa Rica
  • H.E. Luis Gonzalez Macchi Former President of Paraguay