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Globalization and the communications revolution have transformed the global landscape in a way which points to a need for moral, rather than only political or economic leadership. Moral authority transcends tribal, ethnic or religious lines in its scope, relevance and reach. Faith leaders, when representing different traditions, can find common ground based on essential shared principles and values. This session highlights several successful interfaith models and strategies of interfaith leadership and its efficacy in mitigating conflict and advancing the goals of liberty, prosperity and integrity for the entire human family.

Moderator: Dr. Paul Murray Executive Director Coalition for American Renewal

  • Mr. James Patton Executive Vice-President, International Center for Religion and Diplomacy, United States
  • Hon. Manoel Ferreira Head Pastor, National Convention of the Assemblies of God, Brazil
  • Dr. Markandey Rai Special Youth Advisor, UN-Habitat, Kenya