National Transformation: Paraguay Case Study

  • Mr. Thomas Field Latin America Regional Representative, Global Peace Foundation
  • Hon. Marlene Ocampos Governor of Alto Paraguay 

Vision and Action for a Unified Korea

  • Mr. Inteck Seo President, Global Peace Foundation Korea
  • Mr. Gap San Lee Standing Representative, Korean Civic Group Network, South Korea
  • Hon. Ki-Taek Lee Former President of the Democratic Party of Korea

Addressing the Roots of Identity-based Conflict – From Grassroots to Global Levels

  • Rev. John Hayab Special Advisor to the Governor of Kaduna State for Inter-religious Affairs, Christian representative, Nigeria
  • Sheikh Hailru Maraya Special Advisor to the Governor of Kaduna State for Inter-religious Affairs, Muslim representative, Nigeria
  • Dr. Marsudi Syuhud General Secretary of Nahdlatul Ulama, Indonesia