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Drawing upon the concepts from C.K. Prahalad’s book, The Fortune at the Bottom of the Pyramid (2009), this session will address the growing concerns and needs of economically disadvantaged families for opportunities to prosper and have healthy, productive lives. The session will enable participants to interact with three panelists whose moral and innovative leadership inspired and focused the efforts of the private and public sectors in their communities to work collaboratively to transform and elevate the economic and social well-being of families.

Moderator: Ms. Diann Dawson President & CEO, DDA & Assoc.

  • Hon. Jaime Delgado National Congressman Peru
  • Dr. Gustavo Piñeiro Family and Marriage Counselor Paraguay
  • Dr. Oscar Alvarez Araya Executive Director of the Latin America and Caribbean Network for Democracy Costa Rica
  • Hon. Earl F. Hilliard Former U.S. Congressman
  • Ms. Julia Maciel Counsellor, Permanent Mission of Paraguay to the United Nations