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Surveys show that employers look for many competencies that go beyond traditional school subjects, such as problem solving, leadership, communication, initiative, and teamwork. These traits, which can be summed up as Character and Creativity, are what young people will find useful for all aspects of life, including community, family, and employment. During this session, we invite the panelists and participants to explore the concept of going beyond standardized test scores and grade point averages, and perceiving students as complete individuals by developing their character and creativity. Panelists will discuss how this is currently being done in schools around the world, and explore ideas for expanding such efforts.

Moderator: Ms. Maria Liz Garcia de Arnol Metropolitan University of Asuncion; Ex Minister of National Defense 

  • Mr. Clessio Pereira Bastos Director, Global Peace Education -Brazil
  • Dr. Mwangi Kimenyi Director, Africa Growth Initiative, Brookings Institution
  • Mr. Tucker Wannamaker Director of Communication and Outreach, Character.org
  • Mr. Stephen M. Njoroge Director, Centre for Mathematics, Science & Technology Education, Kenya
  • Dr. Isabelita Borres Regional Director, Department for Education, Region 3, Philippines